The cold comes

by Sarah Luna

On little cat feet?  No, that can’t be right. I’m on the wrong side of the country.

I’m so thankful I have my winter wear now. Ever since Mom and Gran left, it’s been in the 40s and 50s and raining.

I woke this morning at 6:30am dreading leaving my nice warm bed. I left my apartment wearing leggings, socks, boots, a turtleneck, slacks, a denim jacket, gloves, and my teal pea coat.

Though cold, the air felt crisp and fresh. Each morning as I emerge, I catch my breath at the sight of this one tree. I call it My Fire Tree. For the past three weeks, it’s erupted in the most beautiful hues of bright orange that make it stand out from the dull reds and yellows and oranges. Light emanates from its leaves.

Sadly, winter comes, and My Fire Tree has all but extinguished its flames. I’ve found other fire trees on campus–the prettiest on the grounds of the Big Red Barn–but I’ll miss seeing the colors on my daily walks.

I rode the Trolley Bus to campus today! I get a childlike pleasure when I see the Trolley Bus drive up instead of the regular bus. It’s just so much fun.

My Fire Tree and the Trolley Bus put me in a good mood this morning. And it only got better. At 8am, the bells from McGraw Tower resounded with “Ode to Joy”.

Joyful, joyful
We adore Thee
God of glory
Lord of love
Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee
Hail Thee to the sun above
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Drive the dark of doubt away
Giver of immortal gladness
Fill us with the light of day

What a way to start the morning!  The bell tower concerts have been some of the most uplifting parts of my time here. Look at the songs they play!

Classes and commitments passed uneventfully, but I got another surprise when I got home. My direct deposit finally went through! No more stressing about getting paid! Now I can set up my finances properly.

So even though the cold comes, there are always things that are beautiful and uplifting. Life is good.