by Sarah Luna

Today I was fortunate enough to hear the evening bells on my walk to the bus stop. Granted, I wasn’t excited to be on campus from 8am to 6:30pm, but everything that had to happen went well.

I gave my first presentation of graduate school to my lab group. Afterwards, my friend Amanda and I were just talking in our basement office, and she told me that I would probably end up as a teacher. Yep. Pretty much. I was happy with that response.

I was also privileged to interact with a professor who reminds me a lot of my two mentors at A&M. She had a meeting tonight with the undergraduates working in her lab. I went along, too, since I’m new to the lab. She genuinely cared about her undergraduates and spent an hour explaining the science behind her study (on a chalkboard no less!).

While I’ve been here at Cornell as a graduate student, I’ve been guided. I’ve been advised. I’ve been steered in the right direction. I’ve been corrected. I’ve been looked after. But the teaching (and learning) is my responsibility now.

But I looked around at the undergraduates and thought to myself: “I’m only a year older than they are.” I have good, intelligent, close friends who are juniors and seniors like them. And I miss being taught. I miss having it be that simple. ~

Bells tonight: “If I Can’t Love Her” from Beauty and the Beast