Take a walk with me

by Sarah Luna

Ithaca was blessed with two whole days of sunshine this week. I was blessed. As a California native, I thrive off of sunlight. The golden light infuses me with energy, and I absorb the colors around me.

After weeks of gray, those two days of light lifted my spirit. I hadn’t realized I was low. I am reminded of Margot in the short story “All Summer in a Day”. And I wonder how my mental health will hold in the winter.

But I knew the sun was coming, and I was ready. In my one free hour this week, I took my new DSLR and captured Cornell in my lens.

Walking home from Central Campus

It was a perfect day to walk home. The nutrition building (my home away from home) sits atop the main hill. Whenever I go to dance practice in Willard Smith Hall or to study in Olin Library, I walk through the Arts Quad.

Arts Quad

If dance takes me to Helen Newman Hall or Appel, I walk across this beauty.

Waterfall from Beebe Lake

Finally, when the day is done, I look back on campus and see McGraw Tower. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll hear the evening concert of bells as I walk home. The Chimesmasters of McGraw Tower play concerts three times a day. Hearing the bells play songs like “Ode to Joy” brightens my day.

McGraw Tower

I am blessed to be surrounded by such obvious beauty. Before this week, I didn’t even know ivy could turn red. Having a camera encourages me to look at my surroundings with a different eye. To creatively compose. To actively register light and color and shape. If nothing else, having a camera drags me out of my analytical world and forces me to appreciate the beauty around me.

*If you’re curious to see my other pictures of campus, feel free to take a look at my Picasa album and comment.