by Sarah Luna

It’s midnight. I just got home. The 10:42 bus didn’t come. I waited 40 minutes in the 42 degree weather for a bus to come. An hour of my day is gone.

I’m cold and discouraged and hungry. I haven’t even looked at my statistics lab for tomorrow. Or at my two statistics assignments due Friday. Or at the articles I’m supposed to have read for Theories tomorrow.

I haven’t written my AEM abstract either (though, that one was just sprung on me out of nowhere… “Oh, you should submit an abstract for this conference. It’s due tomorrow…” Yeah, I barely have data.)

Today went from super busy to hypertensive busy in a few short hours.

I did, however, have a wonderful dance practice tonight. And I have graded 12 of my 26 papers. I heard the bells.

Somehow, I will make it through this week.