still an Aggie

by Sarah Luna

Every so often I’ll get little reminders of A&M.

Yesterday, my friend and I were walking to our statistics class. It was snowing, and we were both looking down keeping our necks close to our bodies. She remarked:

“Are those real cowboy boots??”
*grins* “Yep”
“Well, I guess after four years in Texas, you’d have to have some.”

I love my boots. I’ve worn them more these past two months than I ever had in Texas.

Then in a different class, my prof caught sight of my desktop picture.

“Is that sorority homecoming or something?”
Straight face: “No. It’s Ring Dance.” I reply matter-of-factly.
“Ring Dance? Huh?”
“Yes. Ring Dance. At A&M, after we get our Aggie Ring, we go to Ring Dance.” I point to the ring on my finger.
“Oh A&M! I had interviewed for a position there about 15 years ago. I was really impressed. I’d only been one other place where I saw that much respect for a guy in a suit…and that was West Point.”

Ring Day in April 2008

That’s right. I came from a good place. Thank you, my Aggies, for being respectful and decent to all your visitors. Hospitality goes a long way, and it’s one more reason I’m proud to wear my ring.