Back in the swing of things

by Sarah Luna

Objectively speaking, this week has been ridiculous. I am so behind on things it’s not even funny. Two stats assignments, 20 papers graded, prelim proctored, abstract (almost) written, and papers (that never stop coming!) read. Today was another 13-hours-on-campus day.

This is how I feel right now.

But of course, as if that’s not nearly busy enough, I have my first ballroom dance competition this weekend! I didn’t think I had 6 discretionary hours to spend dancing this week, but it’s amazing how one can find time.

So I’m off to DC tomorrow! Just checked Google Maps, turns out that’s due south from Ithaca straight through Pennsylvania. Cool.

My partners and I are competing in the Standard, Latin, and Rhythm dances. And I’m going to look for (and hopefully buy) a pair of real ballroom shoes!

I’ll update with pictures as soon as I can.