Candid moment

by Sarah Luna

me:  I don’t really hug people here
Drew:  awwwwwwwwww! :(
me:  haha
I’ve been called out for my skittishness
Drew:  I am completely not surprised
me:  at my skittishness?
or that someone’s called me out?
Drew:  mostly the latter
me:  why?
Drew:  because it goes against societal norms, and people are bound to notice and wonder why you act in a way that makes you stick out and appear unwilling to interact with others.  they probably care, and don’t want you to feel left out, or uncared for, which such behavior could be indicative of
so they call you out, and then you explain your whole philosophy towards touch
me:  eh:)
Drew:  Also, you’re awkward in general :P
me:  there we go  😀

The simplest explanation is usually best.

UPDATE: Drew thought I sounded a little down. So he just skyped me and, in order to pump *clap* me up, acted out the first 30 seconds of this skit. Oh my goodness, I love my friend.