It’s not just about Facebook

by Sarah Luna

Yesterday, I made public my decision to give up Facebook. It was not a simple decision, and I knew I wouldn’t follow through with it unless I told everyone. Now I’m held accountable.

But the issue is bigger than Facebook. It’s about using the time I’m given wisely. Ever since reading How to Imagine Your Ideal Reality and How to Succeed by Being Completely Unrealistic by Everett Bogue, I have tried to be more intentional about my life by asking myself what exactly do I need to achieve?

In my apartment in Ithaca, I have a huge piece of paper where I’ve connected my thoughts and goals flowchart style. Each time a new opportunity comes up, I go to the chart and try to map where it fits. Now that I have a month to think, I’m going to redraw that map and reanalyze my one-year goals in the hopes that I’ll have something concrete to work toward when I return.

I hope to find a direction for the next five years.

There is so much for me at Cornell. If each idea and each opportunity is a vector, I’m trying to find the sum. Trying to find a magnitude and direction. (ok, that was nerdy, but that’s how I visualize it.) I need to take this upcoming semester to decide where I want to focus my energy. This means I need to become very familiar with my goals.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m off to watch some Argentine Tango with Gran!