Day 1 of Half Marathon Training

by Sarah Luna

Yesterday was my official first day of training. I started out nice and easy with a two-mile run around my neighborhood. The rain finally stopped, and I had beautiful blue skies the entire time (62 degrees!). Today I walked about four miles and did a crazy core workout with my brother.

This upcoming Monday marks 12 weeks before the big race. I will be following this novice training guide to prepare.

It’s amazing how good I feel after running. I hadn’t been as athletic as I should have this past semester. I rationalized it by saying that I was busy and cold and tired, and while that was all true, I was also just being lazy.

What finally got me off my butt was a hilariously named article from one of my favorite personal finance blogs.  What I realized after reading this article was that I was being ordinary. I was making excuses for not doing things instead of just doing them.

That’s what everyone else does. And I am NOT everyone else.

So I put on my shoes and ran. And it was glorious. That half marathon is going down.

Now I’m going to clean myself up, neaten up the house, wrap the remaining presents, go to the Christmas Eve service, and spend Christmas Eve with my family!