Withdrawing from Facebook [ten pictures]

by Sarah Luna

Today was my second Monday back on Facebook since deciding to phase out my activity. After a week of not using Facebook at all, there really wasn’t much for me to do. I had one message to read and a few notifications. Nothing crucial.

I checked Facebook with purpose. I transferred birthdays to my Google calendar. And I reminisced over pictures. There are 1,131 pictures of me on Facebook right now that encompass five years of my life. I’ve picked ten of them to share with you here (in reverse chronological order).

1. Exploring NYC with my ballroom friends. This was probably my favorite night of this semester.

2. Friday at the Big Red Barn with my Nutrition group!

3. Salsa at the Big Red Barn with my Nutrition ladies.

4.  Celebrating four years of friendship at the Texas Hall of Fame (with K’Naan and David Bisbal of course).

5.  Drew Dear surprising me at my graduation. This picture was taken seconds after I saw him.

6.  Posing with Wrangler and Tony at Ring Dance.

7.  Whooping up in Tienanmen Square with Lara.

8. Les Miserables with Jamie, Anthony, and Lara in Houston.

9. My amazing Lechner XIX Sophomore Advisor Team with the incoming XX Team.

10. Freshmen friends!


Ok, I really like this idea of picking ten pictures to share. I’m going to have a theme for next Monday.

In the meantime, I’m off to Texas!