I broke my Facebook curfew to bring you these pictures.

by Sarah Luna

I know, I’m a horrible person. Pictures courtesy of Lara.

Drew, me, Tony, and Lara in Mexia

Abida, Jamie, Rebe, me, and Lara on New Year’s Eve. I included the shot that showed off the shoes.

Two PhD students and a Teacher for America . We value education. 🙂

We sang, danced, maraca'ed, guirro'ed, and tambourined along to live acoustic guitar and Puerto Rican Christmas carols.

We finished our night with a surprise cookie cake for Jamie's and Rebe's birthdays. Cookie cakes and "three" candles are birthday traditions going all the way back to our days on the third floor of Lechner.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends. This week was a much needed week of emotional and spiritual renewal. These girls inspire boldness, inquisitiveness, determination, excellence, empathy, and love.

Once I’m back in Ithaca, I’ll share more pictures from my time with Drew and my time with Alicia and Allyson.