My new favorite blog (and some old friends)

by Sarah Luna

After a week of no laptop, I spent a few hours this morning going through my Google Reader and reading the latest posts from my favorite blogs.

I’ve mentioned before how I follow personal finance blogs like I Will Teach You to be Rich and Get Rich Slowly; minimalist blogs like Far Beyond the Stars, Zen Habits, and Stonesoup; fitness blogs like Nerd Fitness; and theological blogs like Conversion Diary.

Many of them had New Year related posts about goal-setting. (I set my year goals based on the academic year, so January is more of a half-year check up for me.) Even though I don’t set goals at the beginning of January, I enjoy reading tips for progressing with those goals. One of the blog posts led me to what I am now deeming “My Favorite Blog Ever”. You ready for this?

Fluent in 3 Months

LANGUAGES. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I am nearly 23 years old, and I am only fluent in one language. Most people don’t feel shamed by this. I do.

Yes, I have studied Spanish. Yes, I knew enough to get by in Spain. Yes, I can toss around a few sentences with my roomie. Someone once told me I was “the most fluent non-native speaker” he’d ever talked to. Right, I’d consider myself barely proficient…on a fabulous, birds-singing, sunshiny, zippity-do-dah day.

And that is simply not good enough for me.

So imagine my delight upon reading about this man who learned 8 languages (and he’s still going!). That alone is pretty awesome. Oh, and he’s Irish, so his English sounds amazing. He got his degree in electrical engineering (I laughed. If you went to A&M with me, you know why.). He’s location-independent (which you know is a big deal to me if you’ve been following this blog). He uses Linux (that’s for you, Drew). Already, he’s my hero.

I’m sure you’re waiting for the link. Here’s his story.

Oh, AND HE DOESN’T DRINK. OMG THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD LIKE ME. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone publicize that in a blog. Remember, he’s Irish. Way to break the stereotype, Benny. He has managed to travel to some of the most party-loving places of the world and socialize without alcohol.

“Become fluent in Spanish” has been a New Year’s Resolution of mine for the past 8 years. Sad, isn’t it. Maybe that’s part of the reason I don’t make resolutions anymore.

I certainly have a language goal for this year. I’m not sharing it yet. Benny the Irish polyglot has re-inspired me, and he’s made it onto my “must read” list of blogs.

Go explore his blog.