A researched view of vulnerability that made me go “aha…yep, that’s right”

by Sarah Luna

If you have 20 minutes, watch this TED talk by Dr. Brene Brown. Right now. If you don’t have time, come back and watch it when you do. She touches on the theme of my first semester (I call it a lack of “confidence”. She calls it “vulnerability”.) in a researched yet beautifully candid way. Vulnerability, as she discovered, is the root of connection.

Yep, she pretty much summed up my semester.

When I finished watching, I wanted to email the link to all the friends that had made a difference this semester. I nearly did. And then I remembered that I have a blog.

Humility, shame, vulnerability, unworthiness. These have been themes in my life and in the lives of nearly every one of my friends this semester.

To my Texas A&M friends, we connected as vulnerable freshmen in the nerdiest, most awesome dorm ever. At the end of our four years together, we were a family.  The hardest part of moving out to Ithaca was leaving the security and love of our friendship. Each of you made me feel special and important and relevant and loved.  None of our lives have been easy, but we’re still here. (and I got to visit!)

To my new graduate friends, you know exactly what insecurities I have because you have them, too!  Hooray for empathy! I love walking into our basement office everyday and seeing you lovely ladies. I appreciate all the encouragement. We will confront our absolute stupidity together.

And last but not least, to my ballroom friends, thanks for showing me that life can still be spontaneous and fun.  Even when my legs don’t want to cooperate and my hands refuse to make a swan and I’m freaking out about life, you help me muddle through. The dancing is super fun, too. 🙂

So watch her TED talk and check out her blog. Her talk inspired me to remember why I appreciate all of you.

Peace and blessings!