Playing around

by Sarah Luna

I decided to play around with the layout of this blog. The big change is a snazzy third column in which I’ve decided to showcase one really cool blog each week. I have about 30 blogs I keep up with, and this is just my way of sharing them a little more efficiently with you. Look on the right to see the latest articles.

This week, I’m showcasing Nerd Fitness because it’s an awesome fusion of, well, nerdiness and fitness. Author Steve Kamb uses heroes and legends to encourage us to level up our lives.

I love it. Go read about him.

Stuff in Ithaca is settling into a pattern. I wake up, cook breakfast, walk to campus, read articles for a few hours, walk home, run a few miles, cook dinner, and then do my fun stuff.

I have a few very specific goals for this semester that I’ll get around to sharing soon. But for right now, check out Nerd Fitness and let me know how you like it.