Second Featured Blog: The Art of Manliness

by Sarah Luna

This week, I’m showcasing The Art of Manliness. Two good guy friends introduced me to this blog during my sophomore year of college, and I immediately loved it.

It addresses the question of what it means to be a man. What are manly qualities and responsibilities? How do men (or boys) develop these qualities and fulfill their responsibilities? The author also throws in guides to certain manly skills such as starting a fire, tying knots, winterizing cars, and creating the ultimate snow fort.

Now obviously, being a woman, this blog was not written for me directly. But as a call to maturity, I find it to be encouraging and inspiring. I secretly hope to find a counterpart for women or write one myself (oops, no longer secret), but I fear any attempt to share the art of womanliness would be denounced as sexist, anti-feminist and backwards. Pity.

In the meantime, whether you are a man or woman (or boy or girl), check out The Art of Manliness.

And to my male friends, it has been a privilege to witness you become strong and good men.