The Gifts

by Sarah Luna

The birthday funk is setting in. I feel part happy, part overwhelmed, part insignificant, and part homesick. I slid into three snow banks on my way home from dance practice before arriving safely home. I found out my brother Sam has been accepted to college, that a few good friends will be testing for their Masters (and higher!) degree in Tae Kwon Do, and that my good friends Allyson and George have put together their wedding website. In other words, today’s happenings have put me in emotional turmoil.

But on to the gifts! I know at least one person is dying to know because he keeps pestering me to tell him.

Gift #1: Financial Self-Efficacy

The first gift I chose is perhaps the most significant. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a steady biweekly income large enough to support me. I set up a financial plan back in September and managed it so that by my birthday, I will have saved $1000 to begin a Roth IRA. This may not seem like much, but having a thousand dollars on a graduate student budget after paying rent and utilities and food and gas and incidentals and plane tickets and while building an emergency savings cushion is a big deal. I feel quite accomplished.

Gift #2: A domain name

I bought my first domain name (with Drew’s help–Drew, you knew about this one), which fulfills one of my one-year goals. I could just move this blog over, but I have a few other ideas I’m playing with (in my free time, you ask? See below).

Gift #3: Time

All of you know my third gift. I’m deleting my Facebook account! Ever since making that decision, I’ve found articles like this one and this one and this one that reassure me, but reading one of these articles would never have convinced me to quit before. I’m choosing to quit now because for the first time, Facebook became a negative part of my life. I want my time back. Hello, 24th year of life, I’m going to live all of you.


So what do you think of my gifts? Have any ideas for next year?