Birthdays present; birthday presents

by Sarah Luna

Fun fact: I share my birthday with author Jules Verne. Google has an awesome doodle commemorating his 183rd birthday.

Funny fact: Facebook is creepy. Upon pressing “Deactivate”, this screen pops up (click for an enlarged view):

Yes, Facebook, I’m sure I want to deactivate my account.

Birthday timeline

  • 2320 Feb 7: I get a call from Jamie. 🙂
  • 0001 Feb 8: I get a call from Allyson. 🙂
  • 0001 Feb 8: I get an IM from Drew (who also left me a birthday message on his blog). 🙂
  • 0950: Run into Jessica on the bus where I get my first “Happy Birthday”.
  • 1010: Macronutrients
  • 1220: arrive at my desk and find a cute little green box from Amanda. It contained an amazing Green Star brownie.
  • 1230: I went running. I had planned to run indoors (and was dressed to run indoors), but there was a career fair being held on the track. I ran outside instead.

  • I am either hardcore or stupid. Cold = pain.
  • Birthday message from Rebe. 🙂
  • 1330: TA meeting
  • 1530: Epidemiology. My class sings “Happy Birthday” to me. I’m told 23 is a good year (it’s a prime number!). I have the best colleagues ever!
  • 1700: walk home: So Cold. Luckily, I had the “Hallelujah Chorus” playing in my head.
  • 1730: arrived home and found a package! It was not the package I was expecting, and I was confused as I opened it.
  • Then I saw the cover, and I knew exactly who it was from. The attached note confirmed it. Thank you so much!
  • 1740ish: get a call from Lara 🙂
  • 1800ish: get a call from the grandparents. 🙂
  • 2030: back to campus for dance practice.

My day isn’t even over yet. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday or who will wish me a happy birthday! I’m having a wonderful day. 🙂

PS: New blog of the week at the right. I’m featuring Get Rich Slowly. Check it out!