Midweek update

by Sarah Luna

First things first. After I got home from Maryland on Sunday, I misplaced my phone. I found it Tuesday in a pile of snow under my car. It still works! Why does that matter?  I was unable to call my Aunt Missy and wish her a happy birthday yesterday. I also mistakenly thought that Sunday was the 26th and therefore also missed calling my cousin MacKenzie for her birthday. Happy Birthday, Aunt and Cousin!!! I will call you both tonight. 🙂

Ok, on to the update.

The semester is starting to pick up. I have statistics, epidemiology, and macronutrients assignments due next week. I have readings for each of those classes as well. I lead two discussion sections on Friday that I have to prepare for. My kids just took their first exam on Monday, so I also have those to grade. I present in my lab group next week but I have no idea on what.

Even so, I feel much more relaxed this semester. I don’t feel the same sort of survival desperation that plagued me last semester. This is my job now, and everything is falling into a pattern.

My colleagues keep me on top of things and keep me motivated. We are more than colleagues now–we are friends. Coming to the basement office is a pleasure because I know I’ll see friendly faces and get good advice.

Laughter is what differentiates this semester. Every day, I can recount something that has made me laugh out loud. My friends are hilarious. My professors are (sometimes unknowingly) a source of ill-concealed giggling. TAing is a constant struggle to maintain composure. There is so much situational humor in my life right now. I love it