Sometimes it’s good to remember that I have a life

by Sarah Luna

Two weeks ago I was in Bethesda, Maryland, for a ballroom dance competition. Even though these competitions take up entire weekends, they remind me that I have a life outside of the Savage basement.

Standard Partner and I placed 6th. I had thought that this was our last time dancing together, but his schedule opened up, and we’ll be dancing again in April at Harvard. I am so excited about this. SP will be on my good list for a very long time.

Professional pictures of our dances are now up. Here are some of my favorites (click on the link and then enter my (or your) email address to see) :

Waltz natural turn
Running finish
Spin turn and smiling SP
Showing off my pretty dress
Another running finish

There are lots more of us, but those are my favorites.

This past weekend I traveled once again to New York City for a Broadway show. This time I saw Mary Poppins, and it was spectacular. The choreography had me smiling the entire time.

But now it’s back to snowy Ithaca. Last week was so nice and warm! Now the snow has returned with a vengeance. Morning classes were even cancelled. Snow can stop classes, but it can’t stop deadlines.

So it’s back to work for me!