Signs of Spring!

by Sarah Luna

I’ve heard horror stories of waking up on the day of finals and seeing flurries. I’m also becoming familiar with the various superstitions concerning the length of winter (Most of us know about Groundhog Day, but I’d never heard of March coming in as a lion.) However! I am seeing sure signs of spring!

1. When going out gloveless doesn’t equal a day of misery and pain. Previously, any day that I forgot my gloves would invariably lead to numb, blue, useless fingers.

2. When you start seeing leg skin. I mean a lot of leg skin. Last week, we had a blizzard and high temperatures of around 20. This week we doubled that temperature and got up to the 40s (heat wave!). Crazy girls started wearing short shorts…like the kind that show off the gluteal fold. Girls, forty degrees is still cold.

3. When I can walk home without making “winter maintenance” detours. Yesterday, I used a particular outdoor staircase for the first time in two months. It had previously been covered in snow and ice. This had been my favorite part of my walk home because it overlooks Downtown and Cayuga Lake. I know it’s just a staircase, but it made me so happy.

4. When people stand up straight. The cold turns people into turtles. Necks disappear, and the entire body tightens up. Now everyone stretches tall and looks up and around. Life outside is no longer about finding the quickest route to get back inside.

There are other things like hearing birds sing and not having to wear multiple scarves and not instantly turning on the heat when I get home.  But I think the most beautiful part is that people are starting to have life and energy again.

I am seeing the Lent=winter, Easter=spring connection more vividly now. Amazing what snow and sunshine can do!