Hiking at Buttermilk Falls

by Sarah Luna

First of all, I am super blessed to have waterfalls within walking distance of my house. I have walked down Cascadilla Gorge on my way home from campus and adventured over Ithaca Falls on a nocturnal expedition with friends. Pop and Sam and I hiked up to Taughannock Falls back in September.

In honor of the 51 degree sunshiny weather yesterday, I decided it was about time to explore Buttermilk Falls. I had heard wonderful things about this particular waterfall.

This sight took all of five minutes to walk to. Part of me was sad that it didn’t take more effort, but part of me was like whoa this is right next to the street! Ithaca never fails to amaze me.

All three forms of water: ice, liquid, vapor. Yes, it is still cold enough here to have icicles. Back in February, Triphammer Falls on campus froze solid.

I had to snap a picture of the icicles hanging down the side of the gorge. It feels so strange to see ice along with blue skies. I love how the light interacts with the ice. I took a few other icicle pictures that I’m editing now to play up that interaction.

So that was my hike yesterday. Tomorrow promises to be sunny as well. Perhaps I’ll revisit Ithaca Falls.