Quick update

by Sarah Luna

I’m only giving myself 14 minutes to write. This week is really busy. On top of all the assignments and papers and exams, I found out today that I’m meeting with my advisor tomorrow morning “to discuss research”. AHHHHH!

On the upside, it’s definitely getting more spring-like. While there is a chance of snow tomorrow, I think we’re seeing the last of it. The sun comes out during the day now instead of reflecting off of white clouds and white snow. Now we have bright blues and greens and reds. Instead of walking out of my last class to find darkness, I can leave campus at 6 and make it home before the sun sets.

You would think this would also mean that it’s warm. No. Last night it was 13 degrees. My mind is made up that it is spring though. I forget to put on my gloves. I rarely leave the house with a scarf. I’m not cold either.

I think I’ve simply forgotten what it feels like to be warm naturally. India should be fun!