Life without Facebook

by Sarah Luna

It’s been about two months since I deleted my Facebook account. I thought I’d report back about how my life has changed.

What I’ve been doing since unplugging from the Matrix

What I haven’t been doing

  • Following gossip/arguments on people’s walls
  • Looking at pictures on Facebook
  • Being sad that my friends are in warm weather while I am not. (this is surprisingly easy to deal with now that I’m not seeing pictures)
  • Obsessing over the minute life-details of people I don’t really know that well.

What I miss

  • Pictures of friends
  • Being able to “catch up” on a friend’s life by clicking a few buttons
  • Status updates: I have no idea how my friends are right now. Hm.

What I value

  • Instant communication. This was the hardest thing to give up.
  • Meaningful communication. This is what I have left. I have to make the time to share my thoughts and feelings one-on-one. This is not easy.

Now it’s back to work for me!