Rain, Rain, Go Away

by Sarah Luna

I have a lot to do this weekend. I’m fairly on top of my assignments, but I scheduled a meeting with my advisor on Monday morning. I need to have a plan for summer by then.

Ah, important information: India got deferred (not canceled, thank goodness) till next summer. So now I have a gaping hole of time this summer that I need to fill productively with pre-dissertation research. Except…I don’t know what I’m doing.

Last week I made a tentative timeline for myself with the goal of taking my qualifying exam (A exam) by next summer and submitting a thesis proposal around the same time. Except in order to have a proposal, I need to have “related work” to support the proposal, which is what I need to be doing now. If this is gibberish to you, read this article. Plan for the weekend: plan for summer.

Except there are a bunch of fun things going on. The Hindu Student Council is celebrating Holi, The Festival of Colors, this afternoon that I really wanted to go to. And tonight the a capella groups are singing Bach’s Mass in B Minor at the Methodist church downtown (a Lutheran composer’s Latin Mass performed at a Methodist church; I love it).

It’s raining. Probably won’t make it to Holi. 😦