And this is what friends are for

by Sarah Luna

I just got the most amazing motivational slap in the face ever.

I had just finished writing my whiny post and decided to just go to bed and sleep off the negativity and start fresh in the morning. I curled up in bed under my nice covers. Lights were off.

My phone buzzed. Who texts me at 11:45pm? Seriously, I’m not that popular.

It was my Air Force friend Chris! I hadn’t talked to him since summer. And he doesn’t follow this blog. He had no idea that I was in a petty little mood. He just thought: “hey! I haven’t talked to Sarah since summer. I should see what she’s up to!”

And now I’m so upbeat. 1) The world is bigger than my struggles. 2) My friends care about me. 3) My friends all over the world are doing awesome things. So even when my life is difficult, I can look to them to be incredible role models and friends. Rationally, I knew these things before, but they are really easy to lose sight of in the midst of personal turmoil.

Ok, going to bed again–this time with proper perspective.