Things I did today instead of writing my lecture

by Sarah Luna

I’m giving a lecture on Monday in the Human Growth and Development class I TA. It’s only about half written. Awesome. And of course I’m procrastinating. Part of me is like: whoa, I’m giving a lecture at Cornell. And the other part: WHY??????????? I HAVE SO MUCH WORK.

Things I did today instead of writing:

  • slept in late
  • went to a garage sale and bought $1 sunglasses
  • went to a violin recital featuring my ballroom friend Rebecca
  • prepared for writing my lecture by reading relevant scientific papers
  • achieved said preparation while sitting in the sunshine(!) on Libe Slope with a ballroom friend
  • listened to the evening bells play “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, and “Danny Boy”
  • made dinner
  • bought my flight home (June 3rd!)
Ok, now on to the lecture…