Today was a good day

by Sarah Luna

Today was Slope Day. For weeks before, it had been built up as the biggest drinking day of the year. I was a little nervous about it.

7:30am – I woke up coughing nasty things and feeling gross. I was invited to a Slope Day brunch with the nutrition peeps, but I felt the last thing I needed was to get my entire department sick. I didn’t go.

9 am – AJ messages me about getting breakfast in the Commons. I warn him about my phlegm, but he was feeling down and wanted company. We ate breakfast at Waffle Frolic.

10 am – AJ and I walk up the massive hill to campus. He goes to a frat party (the tradition is to begin drinking before you brush your teeth), and I go to my statistics class.

12pm – After stats, my nutrition peeps and I eat lunch outside in the sunshine. We talked about TA duties, advisor complications, and department stuff. It was nice to hang out with them and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

1:25pm – I go to my TA class. A grand total of 4 people show up…out of 140. The rest were on the slope.

2:15pm – with classes done, I had the option of catching up with my friends on the slope. However, once I stepped outside and heard the noise all the way across campus, I had no desire to go any closer. I went to the library instead and started studying for statistics.

5pm – AJ drags me out of the library to get dinner. I probably would not have eaten dinner if not for him. Friends are important.

6 pm – back on campus to listen to the evening bells play “Sound of Silence” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

7pm – SP told me about a Campus Crusade event. It was a lot like Breakaway, and I was really happy to see that that existed. Today was the seniors’ day to stand up and give parting words. Here are four of the main messages that stuck with me.

  1. Value your community. People will hurt you and do dumb things, but that is NOT a reason to forsake getting to know your community. Sometimes all we want to do is curl up in a corner with God, but we are called to interact with others. [this was the story of my year, btw]
  2. God provides. Trust in Him.
  3. We have just as much to learn from our nonbelieving friends and our friends who believe different things. We need them as friends, too.
  4. Read the Bible. This particularly struck a chord: “The realization that if I don’t read my Bible, everybody and everything else in the world has a say in what I think except God. My classmates, TV shows, movies, my textbooks, magazine articles… all tell me explicitly or implicitly what’s important and worth-living for. They all lie. Only God doesn’t.” This senior’s entire message is here. I needed to be reminded of this…again.

10 pm – After a long day and 2.5 hours of worship and listening to amazing testimonies, I was exhausted and shaking and coughing. SP wouldn’t let me walk home. Again, friends are important. I drew the line, however, when he tried to carry my backpack.

11pm – going to bed.

I was really pleased with today. I certainly did not enjoy Slope Day in the conventional way, but it turned out to be a beautiful day full of surprising blessings.