The things I learn during finals that are completely unrelated to my studies

by Sarah Luna

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One week ago today, I gave my first lecture at Cornell University. I feel like a real academic now. That should have been on my Bucket List: give a lecture at an Ivy League university. (Maybe I’ll retroactively add it on.)

The next morning I woke up sick. This was entirely due to stress. I am still sick. I will continue to be sick until finals are over. Future Roommate noticed that I was carrying tissue around everywhere.

FR: Hey! You know what would really help?
Me: What?
FR: a Neti pot.
Me: A what?
FR: Neti pot. It’s kind of like a watering can for your nose. You put this stuff in, and then pour it in your nose, and then let it drain out the other nostril.

Ok, that just sounds gross. She kept describing how it cleanses the nasal passages. And I just kept thinking: What if I poured it in, and it didn’t come out?  I think I’m still traumatized from the time I stuck a corn kernel up my nose and my mom had to pick it out with her pinky fingernail.

I asked AH about it during our weekly market run.

Me: So, my friend told me about this thing I should try. I forgot the name. It’s like a watering can for your nose.
AH: Oh. A Neti pot.
AH: Everyone knows what that is.

I guess I’m behind the times. Has anyone used a Neti pot before? Should I try it?