Because I haven’t had time to write a real post

by Sarah Luna

1. If Disney were a ballroom dancer…he’d dance quickstep to “Friend Like Me” In other words, I really miss ballroom.

2. I feel like such a rock star carrying my ukulele around the airport with my leather jacked and my “didn’t-have-time-to-brush-my-hair-this-morning” braid.

3. I’ll be home in six hours. The only thing stranger was saying goodbye to my roommate (!) with: “See you when you get back from Tanzania and I get back from India.” The passage of time is really weird for me right now.

4. Speaking of ballroom, a few friends of mine are going to a competition in Manhattan the week that I’m at Columbia. Should I go? I’d have to conjure up a partner, learn foxtrot properly, and dance silver to make this work…I’m tempted.

5. My brother graduates high school in a week! I have an awesome, manly present for him.

6. Life’s about to get crazy.

7. I’m writing this from the Tompkins Airport, and I need to go through security now. My next post will be from California!