Getting back into a routine

by Sarah Luna

Summer is an odd time in the life of a grad student. No courses to take, no classes to TA, no assignments to brush off, no tests to freak out about, and not nearly as many crazy undergrads congesting the libraries ;).

The major distinction between this summer and my other college summers is that I am still required to produce. I have all this free time to work on my own project. But that’s the problem. I have no external marker of time. I don’t have to structure my day around anything. Even the bells have stopped their regular schedule.

Because of this, I feel like I’m not accomplishing enough. I have so much time–why isn’t everything getting done??? For the past few days, I’ve gotten up around 7:30am, walked to campus, worked until 5pm, walked home…and then I seem to whittle those evening hours away in nothingness.

I need to reread The Power of Less and focus on structuring a routine for myself–a routine that includes guilt-free free time.

Oh, since this summer is all about me and my personal project, I’m starting to address some of my mini academic goals:

  1. Statistics. I’ve been to eight hours of statistics workshops so far this week. Next week I’ll be in NYC for a 20 hour course on longitudinal data. This knowledge will carry me through my dissertation.
  2. Writing. I’m using Evernote to keep an academic journal. My goal is 3,000 words a week.
  3. French. I need to check out the Michel Thomas CDs from the local library again.
  4. 703. I need to find a mentor and a paper for the 703 seminar I’ve giving on September 20th.
**Non-academic goal: ballroom. I’m getting up early to dance in WSH (the Hogwarts building) every day. Champions are made in the off-season, and somewhere out there is a boy who will be my standard partner next year who doesn’t know the force that’s about to enter his life. 🙂
That’s it for now. There will be a more interesting post by this weekend.