Dancing in the city

by Sarah Luna

It’s amazing just how much goes on here. When I first decided on participating in this epidemiology workshop, I thought: Perfect, class from 1-5. I can sight-see in the mornings and then hang out with friends in the evenings.

Well, it hasn’t quite worked out like that. The commute from New Jersey to uptown Manhattan varies from 1.5 hours to 2 hours (bus, subway, walking)…and I have no desire to get up at 6am. So! Mornings are pretty chill. I mosey out of bed, into the city, and to my class.

After 5 is when the day really starts. Last night after my class ended, I subwayed down to the dance studio for standard practice–grabbing a slice of Sicilian pizza on the way. I was not as bad as I was Tuesday. (Hopefully I’ll be even better today.) AJ didn’t have to drag me as much! Now if I could only do heel turns, I’d be happy…because I can’t get around the floor with foxtrot without running into (or falling over) a heel turn. Stupid foxtrot. Quickstep, however, remains awesome. ❤ quickstep

After my daily dance hour, I met up with Jana at the Lincoln Center for Midsummer Night Swing. The live band played swing, mambo, salsa, cha cha, American Waltz, and American Foxtrot, and a Viennese waltz. We ran into other ballroom friends and finished the night off with breakfast in the diner of the New Yorker hotel.

Home by 2am; back to work now.

Plan for tonight: practice with AJ, ballroom social with friends.