I love my lab [or why I went back to poo]

by Sarah Luna

When I posted last week about my experiments going no poo, I mentioned that I had to cut my experiment short because of an obligation to wash my hair properly. My mother (and probably a lot of you) thought I had a date.


I had research.

We had a visitor in the lab last week who wanted to use our metabolic equipment. This is me running the metabolic cart in order to measure heart rate, VO2, VCO2, respiratory quotient and respiratory rate while my lab mate hooks our advisor up to the mask.

Then I became the guinea pig for brain wave measurements. Our visitor had to fit an EEG cap over my head. He remarked more than once: Hm, you have a lot of hair…I hope we can get a signal.

Then he and Julie scraped each of those holes and injected gel into them. My head felt like a gloppy mess.

Essentially, I had to wear the metabolic mask and the EEG cap and then do an experiment that was designed to distract and overwhelm and frustrate me. Without going into too much detail (because it’s not my experiment), it involved Enrique Iglesias and Wicked.

and Beyonce

I never thought there could be a situation where I would listen to Beyonce in the presence of my advisor. It’s unfathomable even to think about. Beyonce + professional environment = no.

But it happened.

And it was hilarious. And incredibly distracting.

And then they biopsied my brain.

Just kidding… That’s marker not blood. Lesson learned: do not use red marker on subjects.

In sum, I work in the greatest lab ever (though they didn’t tell me if I had normal brain waves).