Small things

by Sarah Luna

I feel like I’m stuck in a lull as far as work and life go. Summer is an odd time. No classes, no TA responsibilities mean most people travel or spend 23 hours in a lab every day. I split my time between the library and the metabolic lab running statistical models and VO2 max tests. And applying for Indian visas.

I’ve had a solitary summer. No picnics, no dinners, no swimming. I have less than a month to change that.

Five small things:

1. On Monday, Jamie left me a voicemail wishing me a happy Feast of St. James. It’s been four years since I walked the Camino, but among pilgrims the saying goes that the true pilgrimage begins when you leave Santiago de Compostela. (Now I know why people go to Finisterre. They want closure, but there is no closure.)

2. I saw seagulls in a parking lot today. I grew up with them in California, but there were none where I lived in Texas. It still surprises me to hear them now.  They remind me that I’m near water.

3. Flipping through the stations today, I heard “I and Love and You”. (I sang this while walking in Brooklyn in the rain on my way to a ballroom competition…it was one of those my life is incredible moments.)

4. My roommate’s cat is hilarious. I moved her food, and I had to pick her up and plop her down in front of it before she found it.

5. My ukulele is awesome. Currently working on “Sin Ti No Soy Nada”. I was introduced to Amaral in Spain and love them. Also working on “Mack the Knife” because it’s just too awesome NOT to know.