First Week Recap

by Sarah Luna

This week was only 3 days long, but I’m going to tell you about Monday and Tuesday too.

Monday: woke up at 7, made breakfast, played ukulele, walked up to campus with roomie, worked till 6, birthday tapas at Just a Taste, made black bean salad

Tuesday: woke up at 7, breakfast, ukulele, walked to campus, worked until 4, DNS picnic from 6-8:30 where I met all the new first-years

Wednesday: took the bus to campus because of rain, worked until 1, listened to the afternoon bells, Micronutrients (where I was totally that annoying kid who knew everything because we were listening to stuff about iron), home, drove back to office at 5 to clean it out, drove home and watched a movie

Thursday: LOUD thunder in the wee hours, Maternal Child Nutrition class (which will be fantastic!), meet with our resident statistics expert about a paper I’m presenting soon, met my TA professor and the undies that will be under my supervision, toured the kitchen classroom, went to wine and cheese party and talked to new first-years

Today: got up, thoroughly cleaned house, Maternal Child Nutrition Seminar, Haas ladies lunch "meeting", home and more cleaning.

It’s been a busy week.