I ate so many muffins today

by Sarah Luna

This semester I have the privilege of TAing for NUTR 247…aka the dietetics kitchen lab course. Today was the first lab. I absolutely loved taking this class at A&M, and I remembered why today. We get to cook! AND EAT!

Of course, I had to field a few questions like…
"Um, I used white flour instead of pastry flour. Is that ok?" No, you need to start over.
"What’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder?" No, baking soda requires an acid while baking powder does not. "Oh…where can I find an acid?" …You need to start over.
"Does this look like 2 cups to you?" Did you measure it?? …ok, get out another bowl and re-measure it.

But at the end of the madness, we had dozens of muffins which we had to sensory evaluate. I must have eaten the equivalent of ten muffins, and I have six more in my office to last me until Thursday’s lab.