And Quickstep remains my favorite dance

by Sarah Luna

Today was amazing.

Last year, since it was my first year at Cornell, I received a free bus pass for all Cornell/Ithaca routes. This was very nice. When it expired at the beginning of this semester, I decided that instead of renewing it for $120 that I would walk up to campus (and I always walk down from campus) and simply pay $1.50 when the weather was poor.  So far my plan is working beautifully because I walk up to the sound of the morning bells concert at 7:45am and down with the evening concert at 6pm. This also ensures that I get in a full ten hours on campus. (not to mention that hearing the bells puts me in a good mood)

We’ve been experiencing some pretty heavy rains this week.  It wasn’t raining at 7:30am though, so I walked up to campus for my 8:30am class. I then discovered that due to flooding in the areas surrounding Ithaca that classes before 11 am had been cancelled. Cornell’s policy is that classes are cancelled if and only if the buses don’t run. I have ridden these buses through the craziest of snow…but they couldn’t handle TX amounts of rain.

I had lunch with SP today. I’m going to keep referring to him as SP even though he is no longer my standard partner. I hadn’t really talked to him since spring semester, and I missed him a lot. It was only about a 20 minute lunch since he had class, but it was more than enough time. Something happens when you have a good partnership with someone; you read everything they say in body language in addition to what they say verbally. It makes communication very efficient. We learned that we were both in good places emotionally and spiritually, that we both had direction for our semesters, and that our respective situations had been altered but not significantly changed. He said something that I knew but really needed to hear after this summer. I deliberately left that vague.  Basically it was: this is where I am right now…this is where he is right now…few concise questions…good?…good.

Then I spent four hours in the kitchen lab making sure nobody cut themselves with a chef’s knife.

Then ballroom. 

I have a new standard partner now. I haven’t thought of an acronym for him yet. He is very nice, and I enjoy dancing with him. We had a bronze waltz lesson last night and a silver quickstep lesson tonight. It’s strange getting used to a new partner. We had trouble doing lock steps together for the warm-up. We got it down though and learned progressive chasse to quick open reverse to four quick run. Fun combination to fun music. I think we’ll follow it with lock step, natural turn, spin turn, and then short side!

Now it’s 11:30pm, past my bedtime, and I still have to prepare for a meeting tomorrow. Worth it? Completely.