Silver Standard: Lesson 1

by Sarah Luna

Last night was my first silver standard lesson. We worked on waltz. Specifically, we spent the first 45 minutes working on swing and sway. Swing involves the pendulum action from the knees all the way up through the torso. Sway is the resulting line.

We show off the sway on the 2 count (and lucky for us, we have lots of 2s). I end up counting to myself: “1, right, 3, 1 left, 3, 1, right, 3”.

For the last 15 minutes, we learned a new combination: Open Telemark, Wing, Closed Telemark. I learned that I can’t do heel turns to save my life. 🙂

It is interesting that as I progress, the emphasis is less on steps and more on “figures” which refer to the entire 3D shape of the body. (So instead of saying “the next step is…” the instructor says “the next figure is…”) The feet are the foundation and will always be vital, but now I’m focusing on the implications that foot position have for the rest of my body.

At the end of the lesson, the team held an auction of old costumes, and I bought a Latin costume that fit me perfectly for about a third of what it would have cost new. It is also completely backless. There will be pictures if and only if I compete in it.

This is shaping up (haha, waltz pun) to be an interesting semester.