I thought about getting back on Facebook

by Sarah Luna

I missed seeing pictures and leaving little comments. There are about 30 new ballroomies that I’d really like to “friend”. My family is hilarious on Facebook as well.

But then I read this article, and remembered that there was a reason why I left.

I know Facebook is going to crap all over my privacy. And I’m oddly okay with that. It’s a Faustian bargain I made with Zuck long ago in exchange for providing me with a platform where I can interact with my parents and in-laws. But I don’t want that deal to extend to the entire Web, to every service I use and each site I log into. I don’t want my every action recorded in perpetuity or worse, broadcast without my explicit permission. I don’t want my humanity commoditized.

I miss the platform, but I’m still not ok with going back.