I’m going to pretend it’s Friday

by Sarah Luna

— 1 —

Even though it’s not quick and it’s certainly not Friday, I’ve decided to try a 7 Quick Takes to make up for my two week hiatus. It’s been an eventful time.

— 2 —

Classes are coming along decently. I had a Maternal and Child Nutrition exam last week. This professor reminds me of my kindergarten teacher; she demands excellence. Additionally, I know about as much as a five year old compared to her. I dreamt that I received my test back with a 1 on the top and that it was too horrendous for her even to comment on.

I have a final exam in Micronutrients this Thursday. I’m reviewing for that now. I haven’t done well on the quizzes, and I need to step up my game.

— 3 —

My mother is always right. In particular, her response to my quiet post is currently relevant.

We could go on about social behavior and what differentiates us from animals, but since we’re talking about YOU – I’m just going to say “control freakazoid”. You reward or punish by deciding to speak. Remember in 5th grade when Cherise asked you for help, and the teacher wrote YOUR name on the board for talking in class?? You punished that teacher by NOT participating in class, NOT sharing your brilliant thoughts, and then being smug about it. You basically went mute, sat there, stared her down and refused to speak for weeks! …At any rate, your silence (whether you choose to speak or simply cannot) impacts others. It can give the impression you are too good, too smart, too strange, too proud to associate with the other people.

— 4 —

I had my first gynecological exam yesterday. Women are supposed to have one every year starting at 21 or age of first sexual activity. I’ve been putting off scheduling one for a whole semester, and I finally just did it. The gynecologist I met with was very nice and very professional. I dreaded getting someone who would give me a hard time about not being on the pill for my irregular cycles, or even be disdainful about my lack of sexual activity.  She had excellent bedside manner, explained everything that was going on, and was very understanding.

The normal things (height, weight, blood pressure, temperature) were all where they should be. The exam itself was not pleasant; knowing what was going to happen didn’t help either. Pap test was not fun at all, but really, what did I expect?

Oh well, I’m blessed to be healthy adult woman.

— 5 —

The breast exam was where things got interesting. She felt lumps in both breasts. Everybody knows that’s not good. I wasn’t really freaked out, but it’s something to be addressed. The gynecologist referred me to a radiologist for an ultrasound. I had that this morning. Professional opinion is that it’s just dense tissue and that I should simply keep an eye on it for changes.

I’m really impressed at how quickly that got addressed.

It’s interesting to consider that I can’t ever prove the null. I can’t ever say with conviction that my breasts are healthy. I can only say that the lumps in them haven’t done anything (yet). I suppose that’s true for everyone. It’s a bit presumptious to say that any of us are healthy.

Our life contains a thousand springs,
and dies if one be gone;
strange that a harp of thousand strings
should keep in tune so long!

Anyways, I’m glad nothing’s ostensibly wrong right now.

— 6 —

First ballroom competition of the year is this Saturday here at Ithaca. My (completely new to me) partners and I have been practicing like crazy. We’re pretty excited to be dancing (deep breath) Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, and Swing.

— 7 —

Even with all this going on in the background, I’ve still had to work on my own research. I’m pretty comfortable with my idea. Now I need to come up with a conceptual framework, find an existing dataset to do preliminary models on, meet with every possible faculty member I can, form the rest of my committee, and get this show on the road.

I’ll keep you posted.

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