The things I do

by Sarah Luna

Ballroom competition means something different than it did a year ago. It means focusing on figures and practicing 12 hours a week. It means paying meticulous attention to every aspect of the biomechanics of my movement. It means paying money to have someone tell me how bad I am over and over again. It means subjecting my poor feet to the deforming restrictions of proper heels. It means spending days on eBay finding the perfect dress.

But most strikingly, it means this:

Yes, friends, I have entered the realm of the fake tan. This is the first time that my dancing has been good enough to justify buying a pretty dress and painting myself orange. This is an exciting time. Why the orange, you ask? While it looks horrendous up close, the fake tan prevents me from looking washed out and overpowered by my fabulous dress. I slathered on two coats of the stuff tonight. Even though I understand the logic, I’m still freaked out by the thought of what I will look like tomorrow morning.

I have before pictures. We shall see what happens.