Movement quality: waltz

by Sarah Luna

I co-taught the Ballroom Club class tonight on waltz. Since this was their first lesson on waltz, I thought it would be helpful to describe the feeling of the dance.

Each dance has its own character, which I use to express different emotions. It’s no longer enough simply to dance the steps. Waltz is the quintessence of ballroom–graceful, beautiful, stately, grand. Growing up near the ocean, I think of waltz as the swells just past the breaking waves. I asked the class to picture the movement of the ocean and to try to grasp that feeling. Waltz moves in one continuous flow. It doesn’t break or crash or fall, and nothing about it is harsh.

I find that a thoughtful waltz is just as relaxing as doing yoga or my forms.

After the class, my partner told me that my description was the most beautiful thing he’d heard about waltz.