Friday stuff

by Sarah Luna

— 1 —

Since last Friday I have traveled 680 miles, danced in a ballroom competition, hit a deer, submitted an abstract for EB, stayed up past 3am two nights in a row, insulted a friend, apologized to said friend, visited the art museum on campus, taught a class how to waltz, and cleaned my kitchen.

Theme of this week: life goes on.

— 2 —

Sometimes I just look ridiculous.

— 3 —

I really like Spotify. I can listen to Christmas music, ballroom music, cleaning music, homework music, whatever I like really. Right now I’m listening to Eros Ramazzotti and Amaia Montero sing Esta Passando Noviembre.

Para ti
este beso en el viento
te lo mandaré allí
te dirá lo que siento… yo por ti
No he podido hacer nada

I still remember what it was like to almost lose a friend to depression.

— 4 —

I love both of my partners. They are so much fun to be around and to practice with. They are hard-working, awesome-dancing, talented young men…and they’re hilarious.

My standard partner messaged me: “I theorycrafted some new moves…our waltz will be glorious…lots of flying in shadow position.”


— 5 —

Speaking of partners, I had lunch with SP this afternoon. I had been thinking about him a lot at DCDI because that had been our first competition. I still consider myself blessed to have been his partner. Anyways, we ate lunch at the Johnson Art Museum on campus and then just walked around. He’s starting an exciting time in his life, and I’m really glad we get to talk.

— 6 —

There’s about a five pant size difference between TKD legs and ballroom legs. None of my pants fit. I either need to pack on some muscle or get new pants because this whole baggy look just isn’t working.

— 7 —

OHIOOOOOO next week. Our biggest competition of the year. Practicing two hours tonight…and five tomorrow. Oh yeah. Time to get my groove on.

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