Rwanda: Day 3

by Sarah Luna

January 13, 2012

After setting up the exercise bikes at the school yesterday and choosing whom to interview for the research assisatantship positions, we had a free morning today and were not due to HQ until 2pm. The four of us slept in late (the first time we slept well) and then decided that this morning would be the perfect day to see the Memorial Center.

Usually we get driven around by the company driver. However, since we were on our own this morning, we had to figure out a way to get across town. Options: walk, bike, taxi. It was too far to walk, and the taxis are smelly affairs that squeeze about 20 people in at a time. So we decided to take the motorcycles.

Yes, that’s right. I rode on a motorcycle in Rwanda. We found a group of four motorcycles on the street corner and told them we wanted to go to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. They had to confirm directions with each other and a few other drivers, but then they gave us a price and beckoned us towards their seats. My driver handed me a cracked helmet, helped me adjust it, and hopped on. The boys’ drivers had already sped off leaving Laura and me behind. I experienced a moment of nervousness. I couldn’t back out though, so off we went–my driver then Laura’s. It was the perfect way to see the city.

The Memorial merits it’s own post, so I will pass over that experience for now.