Rwanda: Day 7

by Sarah Luna

January 17, 2012

Today after work, we took the motos to the Kimironko marketplace. One of the teachers at the Fawe school recommended it when we asked for a good outdoor market with handcrafts. I had wanted something similar to the Beijing Pearl Market where I had bought all of my gifts in China.

Oh my goodness, we were not disappointed.

The motos pulled over into a cloud of dust, and the locals all looked up to see the four white kids dismount. Their eyes followed us as we approached a massive square structure filled with stalls of every kind.  I have never seen so many beans or bananas or heaps of flour or POTATOES in my entire life. There were mountains of produce. I bought some presents and some fabric. A bunch of the women talked with me, and I even got one of the seamstresses to speak really slowly so I could repeat after her.

Laura and I attracted a lot of attention. Men and women would openly stare at us as we squeezed by, kids would run after us begging for some job to do, shopkeepers would accost us and drag us to their stores. It was a frenzy!

Definitely going back.