Check in

by Sarah Luna

It’s been almost a month since I last posted here. Since then, I’ve returned to Ithaca and started on my own work. April is the craziest month in the nutrition department because our biggest conference of the year, Experimental Biology, is April 21-25. The entire department is invested in this conference, and we’ll all be relocating to San Diego in about three weeks. I have a poster presentation for which I’m frantically trying to run statistics. Additionally, I have a grant application due May 1st. It’s pretty critical to my work that I get put on this grant, so I’m a little stressed about putting forth a good proposal. 

I haven’t written much about India. It’s difficult to answer the inevitable “oh, how was India?!” with anything other than the perfunctory “good”–much like answering the pleasantry “How are you?!” when you’re not “fine”.

Things will be quiet around here while I’m preparing for the conference. Have a happy Easter!