Desperate Measures

by Sarah Luna

I mentioned in my previous post that I have some important deadlines coming up. This past week has illustrated that my own internal motivation is not enough to focus me on the tasks at hand. The time has come to set up external barriers to distractions. 

As of tomorrow, I have set my computer (using StayFocusd) to block the following websites entirely during the hours of 7am and midnight:

  • (it’s amazing how much unnecessary time email takes)
  • (hey, looking at ballroom dresses is addicting)
  • (ditto)
  • (ballroom is guilty again)

I am also making myself very difficult to reach in order to devote large chunks of time to uninterrupted work. All ballroom activity will cease until my partner comes back from Asia. 

Mediocre, distracted work is no longer acceptable. 

Like all desperate measures, these will not be permanent. I plan to resume normal life on May 2nd.