Bridesmaid hair: What to do with crazy curls?

by Sarah Luna

Like I mentioned before, I get to be a bridesmaid in six days. The bride, having crazier curls than mine, has been remarkably gracious in letting us bridesmaids choose a hairstyle that compliments us.

So what to do with field hair (my name for hair that has grown wild “in the field”)?

Especially hair that, when brushed, looks like this:

(I sent that picture to the bride, by the way. I’m glad she appreciates my sense of humor–one of the many reasons we’re friends)

I don’t know what I would have done before Google. One simple image search of “curly hair style” yielded hundreds of thousands of ideas.  Here are my favorites. Oh! I’ll have a professional to help me, too, so I’m not limited by my questionable skills with a curling iron.

Option #1: Curly updo

 Option #2: Half up super curls

Option #3: All down

Comments? suggestions? I’ve just given you an excuse to browse all the curly-haired photos on Google. You’re welcome.