I’ve moved!

by Sarah Luna

Nope, still in Ithaca in my same ol’ house.  My online home has moved. On a whim I searched for SarahLuna.com just to see what would come up.

And what do you know??? It is run by a witch. Not even kidding.

Since that is not how I want my name to show up when people search for me, I immediately bought SarahVLuna.com and started a web presence there.

I’m going to do the majority of posting over there from now on. I will focus on how to work less and enjoy life more in grad school. The inspiration for this direction comes from reading blogs like Nerd Fitness and I Will Teach You to Be Rich. These amazing resources encourage people to take control of their health and their money.

My focus will be on undergrads and grad students who believe they have to constantly work to stay ahead. After 6 years of higher education, I no longer believe that. Constant, mediocre work does nothing except exhaust the worker. It is focused, excellent, limited work that makes a difference.

If you’re interested in what I have to say about that, come over to SarahVLuna.com and take a look around!