I’ve earned my first blood blisters!

by Sarah Luna

(and other happy things)

Last night I went contra dancing for the second time.  Contra dancing is fun because you can get good just by being spun around AND because you end up dancing with everyone. In fact, I only danced once with the boys that I came with. Every single other dance I was claimed immediately by one of the men there. Actually, SP had to reserve me a dance before, and then I had to turn down three men saying “oh, I already have a partner for this dance.” It made me think I was in a Jane Austen novel. Usually at a dance, I get frustrated because there aren’t enough guys. Last night, however, I was frustrated (mildly) that I couldn’t dance more with my boys because I was always taken. It was a singular predicament.

One of the older men said it was a pleasure to watch me dance. That made me smile. A few remarked how this couldn’t be my first time. They didn’t believe it was my second time either until I told them I did ballroom.

I danced barefoot because my shoes restricted the movement a little too much. (“Well, you’re a lively one to dance with.”). After three hours, it felt as though I had taken sand paper to the balls of my feet.

Did that stop me? No. I had a wonderful night with my ballroomies and friends!

Other happy things, you ask?

  1. I passed statistics!
  2. I am DONE with my semester!
  3. My friend Sarah graduates from A&M today!
  4. …and last but not least, my friend Alicia IS GETTING MARRIED. 😀
Life is awesome.