Summer Food, Fun, and Friends

by Sarah Luna

So far, this summer has been a lot more fun than last year. Campus is quiet (until all the high school campers came…), and everyone just feels more relaxed.

My Latin partner was in town this week, too! He has been travelling the world for the past few months and has amazing stories from Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and more places that I’m not remembering right now. We swapped stories of our international travels at a Prohibition-themed party complete with a live band and a speakeasy entrance (my life is cool, no?).

There are quite a few ballroomies left in town, so we have weekly dinner to keep in touch and show off our kitchen skills. Last night we had homemade butter chicken, vegetable fried rice, and apple pie. Then a group of us went salsa dancing after. I had not been salsa dancing since before I left for Rwanda–over 6 months! Needless to say, we had a blast. It is wonderful to have a group of friends that loves to dance!

Speaking of dance and friends, I am making the long sojourn to NYC on Friday to buy a real pair of dance shoes at Worldtone. Ones that don’t mangle my feet every time I try to cha cha. What makes this even more exciting is that I get to take Lara back to Ithaca with me for an amazing weekend filled with desserts, dancing, hiking, festivals and food!

I occasionally work this summer, too. 😉